Good few weeks

So, my apologies on not being able to post the story yet, due to some privacy laws, I am rewording and taking out many of the Names (They were only first names, but here, that is even confidential). But I’d like to tell you about some of the successes that the last few weeks have seen. As many of you remember the picture I posted of our multicultural team for management simulation, we ended up “winning” the management simulation. This in part due to the multicultural aspect and what to expect from all markets. This was a joyous last class for the program, as it was hard earned with many nights finding the correct solutions, to each and every one of our problems. The second possibly better news is that the company project was presented. A company in Germany is looking to outwardly expand into multiple markets, including third-world nations, to create a massive sustainability campaign. If the company chooses to follow our findings, there would be massive job creation in all of the countries, as well as opportunity for the company to further extend its charitable arm. Presenting with another multicultural team, which did have its ups and downs, was amazing. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It was also interesting fitting a model to growth per each country with their values and understanding, rather than force a typical business model from Germany or the USA on them. It was great to speak to many different view points from around the world. Hope all is well with you. Remember to get out and serve humanity in any capacity you can.



So today, I am marking the end of my class schedule, onward to academic papers and my thesis. My apologies for the extra week in between normal posts, here in Germany it is more like a finals month that a finals week. It is easier to have a short week long finals week than an excruciating month, trust me on that one. Good news is that I have conducted a few interviews with individuals whom have utilized business concepts throughout the world. I am going to be writing a special three part series on one of the participant (who happens to be one of my professors) but expounded basic business principals to provide help to a major part of India by utilizing part of the business culture as well as local culture to create an environment to allow complete success for the project. So I will be blogging quite a bit more now, both business and personal stories. Along with a few good German recipes. Look for the first of the interview series on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on you local. And shout out to the first follower from New Zealand, glad to be reaching such a global audience. Until Tuesday, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Kind.