So a few days ago an extremist was arrested close to where I live. The German police were quick and thorough. Though it sucks, the room the inhabited was one of my close friends. Took them almost 72 hours to clear it. Honestly, I do not know what drives them. I had to delay class due to this, and most of the class were willing to offer a couch. Sometimes people make wrong decisions, this was a wrong decision on their part.



It is alive and well noth with Neo-nazi clans and people who would like to forget. I have honestly not come across many that share the few point of that government here in Germany. Those that do live in suburban areas, trying to “Steven the flow of immigrants”. As some one who has seen justice brought to bear, I have no comment. As to the attacks, I am sickened. I had to halt the openness of my classes due to so people, racism, sexism, or xenophobic tendencies have no place in our society. Obey the laws of the land. Please 

Dachau and Flight out

So, yesterday I had the privilege of visiting a historical site. It was both eye opening and saddening learning what atrocities had happened there, at the actual location. There was a reverence that permeated the entire grounds. With most things left how they were discovered, with only small memorials reminding the future generations of what had happened. I will be posting pictures, on the next blog post, as I finally have my laptop running again.

Today was also a somber day, as with the growing political and social upheaval, I have decided that the safest place for me right now is in the US, not as a foreign national in another country. I will be returning a month earlier than expected, June 22nd rather than July, but it is for the best. Remember, serve your fellow man and continue to help one another.

Interesting week

So, my hard drive replacement came and am currently in the process of recovering my data. Most of the residence halls have been on lock down due to an attempted rape and an actual rape, as well as a few drug busts. Unfortunately, intermingling of societies and expectations can sometimes lead to heart breaking things such as this.

One thing that is common though across most European countries is a debt free life style. This is due in part to the heavy fluctuations dealt with throughout the past 150 years in many of their currencies. It is important to note also that children are taught responsibility and often have jobs during high school helping their family out. Hope all is well with my readers.

Technical difficulties 

So, my laptop hard drive failed, and I have to navigate through to get me posts posted because I am stuck to my mobile currently. Tensions have risen in the recent days. Life is ok minus the shootings here and their at night.

The teaching experience I get here is second to none, I get to teach many nationalities at once, and it has furthered my German immensely. I fear the world is again going into an isolation state, please my readers, don’t do this. Much is to be gained from your fellow man. I’m recovering my hard drive tonight. Peace be with you all, serve your fellow man.