First Financial Blog

So, we have not yet started our classes for the MBA program, but I wanted to begin the financial advice as soon as possible, due to the complex nature of financial preparedness, ¬†we will start out with the basics like a budget. This is a crucial portion of any individual’s or household’s path to financial freedom. Something important in the business world is the statement of Cash Flows, which could be considered the “budget” of any company. Attached is a sample budget form which any person could use to start on their path of Financial Freedom. We will be discussing more about the compounding value of money within the next few blog posts.



First Impressions of Germany

The Language class is Excellent. It is a high pace, which is great for me. The culture is very direct, with a solid diet made up of meat, bread, and cheese. Drinking beer is kind of like drinking a coke back home. During class it is not unusual to see someone drinking, especially the underclassman. The Germans are very particular about their holidays and Sundays off, with much fuss being made if there is a semblance of work. Most stores and shops are open until 9:00 pm, though with our heavy language class and 3-4 hours of reading each night, it can be hard getting to the store. Pforzheim is a great city, there are a few places on the outskirts, which are a no go zone after daylight, due to some hooligans and other people. I am ready for classes to begin, and to not have German 5-6 days a week.