Holidays and a Treat

Hey Guys, so there are going to be some changes going on soon, I am going to migrating my other blog with more personal stuff chronicling my time in Germany to this one. I am also going to be gone for awhile, and on Holiday. Between schools and the small business colaboration, I have been utterly drained. But today, I would like to share a presentation on Leadership. I could write for days on this but I figure the presentation would be best. Also, goal for the New Year is to write a post every week, after January.




Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy

This has been on everyones minds recently, I dont have the time to keep up right now as our finals week is more like a finals month and a half. I am suprised at some of the questions I get but they help me come up with content. Here would be the best place to go to for understanding and grasping Exchange Rates and Economic Policy.

Understanding Monetary Policy