My Beatiful spring

First off let me apologies, I had my last few blog post saved as drafts, forgot to publish so as soon as I get to my computer, I’ll correct that. Spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining and the green grass and plants are in full bloom. Spent much of the past week helping our elderly neighbor clean her garden and lawn. She is a widow and has seen much of the history of Pforzheim. It was nice chatting with her and learning more about the history. Germany has enough holidays to keep anyone happy, as long as you plan your grocery shopping around it. Just remember to check your calendars in a foreign land, otherwise you may end up hungry for a couple days. Remember to serve one another and plan your budget.


Another Holiday

So, Germany does have a fairly liberal sense of holidays. With that being said, I am without food currently and the shops are all closed. There are a few restaurants open, though I really don’t fancy the idea of a döner. There is some hope in the form of ramen noodles. One thing that I do miss is being able to drive to get any type of food that I like. 

Good Friday

Germany really does love its holidays and Good Friday is no exception. The interesting part is that no live music or dancing is allowed, which means karaoke as well. We have planned a small  dinner, as dancing or singing can bring a fine from the German police.

And the Tension grows

So, I am trying to give my experiences through words, one thing I detest above all else is being made a victim. Yesterday, I was asked kindly not to hold my normal meetings for the small business association because of the location. Apparently, it has had some issues lately, went down and conducted the meeting anyway, though after the number of threats I heard on the street walking to and from, I’m going to move the meeting.

The next thing is the importance of an emergency fund, so a lot of followers have asked me to post more financial guidance again, going to be splitting the blog into two halves, one experience and the other finance. The best way I have found to build an emergency fund is to donate compounding the number of the week. Example Jan 1,  1 dollar, Jan 8 2 dollars, until it is $52 at the end of the year. By the end of the year you have $1,378 dollars, a good chunk to take away the debt I posted about earlier. You can use this money any way you see fit, I personally use it for Christmas presents and store the rest. 

A third more sad note, I was rejected on my three academic papers, for English grammar and simplicity. Get knocked down 9 times, stand up 10. Will rewrite and submit again. Please help with one thing, the world needs bridge builders, not financiers, help you neighbors, get to know them. 

Rules and Goodbyes

This week has been kind of crazy, I volunteered for the graduation ceremony which is a lot different than the US. Alcohol here is everywhere constantly, not strange to them but to be, it is weird seeing young people with beer. Though today I had the honor of cooking for two of my good friends moving on. Part of living in another culture is adapting to their ways and leaving some of your own. So we had a BBQ to celebrate, inviting all of the class. In life people tend to move on and both of these friends are moving on into medical business practices, which is amazing to see their knowledge being transferred into the care of the elderly. Goodbyes are a part of life I’m not good at. Tend to just leave with a hand shake so I don’t have to deal with the emotion. Part of life, but I am glad I got to be a part of their journey to become the best that they can be. One is moving to India for elderly care and the second to North Carolina to streamline drug efficiency treatments to hospitals. I do wish them all the best, please remember to get out there and serve. Be a good person, and your neighbor should be one of your best friends.

Fun Today

So today, I got to tour the Porsche Museum, and drive a Porsche. Many would say say that is an abuse of my money, but I have saved up for this trip for a long time. I would say that this is an immoral post but, here it is, Porsche designed the first hybred car, and got shot down, in 1899. So, I am here to tell the story of his grandson, not mentioned in the museum minus the part where he developed the 911. The true story of the 911 is hardship, he lived many of his childhood years during World War 2, his family’s company was destroyed by the devastation.   Resulting in his father producing automobiles in a sawmill. He worked to achieve above a poverty class (which many entrepreneurial spirits do) as the factory and auto family pushed him. Eventually, he was chosen to a premier school, which failed him out after two semesters. He kept trying, after getting hired and fired from his family’s company, he designed the 911 Porsche. The body style is still used today. We may fall short of expectations, hell we may plant our face on the finish line. From one Entrepreneur to the next, we can make it.

Missing Home

One of the harder parts of studying abroad is missing home and the people there. Many of my mentors are getting older and realizing I may not be there for their final moments is one of the toughest aspects of living abroad. I have lost three dear friends already, and I was unable to make it home for their funerals. One aspect that I have been taught is that of understanding the value of each relationship you have had the chance of creating. My apologies on today’s sad tone, has been a rough few days, life is short, go help somebody out.